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thanks for visiting our page. We appreciate your interest in our SMD group.

The SMD is a nationwide network of christians who study or work in schools, universities or graduated already. You can find other SMD groups in more than 70 cities all over Germany and it is a great thing to know that Kassel also has its own group of approximately 60 persons.

We are here on campus to:

-create a place of community and activity open for everyone regardless of what you study, where you’re from and what you believe

-create a place where we can grow in faith as it becomes part of our daily life on the campus

-create a place where we can practice our faith in a credible, self-confident and convincing way

as an everyday relevant and contemporary lifestyle

-invite others to inform themselves about christian faith

We have regular meetings within the semester, the so-called „Großgruppe“. Usually, we invite guest speakers to access and discuss a certain topic or issue. Eating dinner together, talking, singing and discussing are the typical elements of our „Großgruppe“, last but not least our famous „Walk to the Chevy’s“ at the end.

You can also visit our „Kleingruppen“ which can be considered as „small groups“ focussing in bible studies and prayer.

We also meet each other in the semester break. Feel free to join us at our „Ferienhauskreis“. You have no idea what that is? It is easy…every tuesday in the semester break we meet in the Sandershäuser Straße 19, where you find a church building. In the basement we have a room for our group and there we just sit together, sing, eat and we discuss about a certain topic, whatever we feel we’re up to…

There are different activities that we do on campus such as games, flash-mobs, delivering give-aways, prayer groups and special events at the beginning of the semester where you can get to know sights and popular spots of Kassel.

The „Großgruppe“ takes place in the Mönchebergstraße 10, that is the address of that huge church building on the opposite of the university buildings at the east-southern end of the campus. We meet at the ground floor where some of our folks will invite you with a hand-shake.


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Feel free to ask us anything! Do you need a helping hand when you move into your new flat or informations on available flats in Kassel? Do you need someone to repair your bike? Do you need someone to help you to organize your time table? You’re at the right place.


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